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Director’s Corner

August 28th, 2017

As I am sitting at my desk in Niantic I am noticing that the number of folks walking by our office on the way to the beach is starting to slow down. It’s a sure sign that we should be starting to look forward the beginning to a new school year. As with any new beginning we can look forward to new opportunities, and to prepare for new challenges.

Calls to CPAC tend to slow down some during the summer, but many of those that do come in are from families concerned about the upcoming year. They tend to come in two varieties: “We had such a good year last year, and now we are moving to a new teacher. How can we make sure the good work continues?” Or “Last year was pretty rough, what can we do to make next year is better?”

Among the best things you can do in either case is to make sure everyone involved has as much information as they can get about your child and her challenges and her strengths. An IEP can be a pretty dry document, and it generally doesn’t convey the little things last year’s teacher did that worked well, or poorly. You have the chance to reach out to the new professionals, not to tell them “You must do this or that”, but “Mr. A tried this simple little thing, and it make a surprising difference.”

Let the professionals know that you are available and interested, that you are looking forward to a very good year, you want to hear how your son is doing, that you and are eager to answer questions that come up about your daughter. It really does take a team to provide an appropriate education and you have a chance to try and set the tone and make everyone involved be eager to be a part of that team.

As usual, we at CPAC want to be part of that team if you need us. Our parent consultants will be working hard to answer the questions that come up and to help you be the best advocate for your child that you can be.

We will be providing group training in towns across the state. Last year we did more than one hundred parent and professional trainings and are always happy to do more. If you would like to have CPAC come and do a training in your school it’s easy, just call us and we’ll tell you how.

We also have changes coming. Early this fall we will be rolling out or completely revamped website with a new look and even more materials and information to help you through this process. We hope you like the new look, and more importantly we want to be sure it works for you. If there are materials you’d like to see, let us know. We want to hear.

Here at CPAC, we are gearing for another successful school year working with you to ensure your children receive the education that is their right. But before that take time to get the best from the rest of the summer. On behalf of myself and the staff at CPAC we offer our best wishes for a great new school year.

John M. Flanders
Executive Director