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Bureau of Special Education Back-to-School Meeting

September 14th, 2018

Bureau of Special Education Back-to-School Meeting

Connecticut State Department of Education | September 12, 2018

What is the CT Secondary Transition Youth Advisory Board (YAB)?
As an initiative within the CT Secondary Transition Community of Practice (COP), a Secondary Transition
Youth Advisory Board was created to provide a place for students and youth with disabilities ages 14 to 26 to
have their voices heard by the people who plan for and support students.

What is the purpose of the YAB?
The YAB serves as a resource to any school district, agency, organization, or provider who serve young people
with disabilities. YAB works to improve services and ensure that services and supports provided are truly
meeting the needs of the youth with disabilities as they transition from district services to adult life.
Participation in YAB activities builds the personal advocacy and leadership skills of participants, provides a
forum for students to network with each other and professionals in the field, and is a great activity for resumes
and portfolios.

Who are the members of the YAB?
YAB members include Connecticut students and youth with disabilities ages 14 to 26 years old who have an
interest in learning leadership skills and taking on leadership roles in the state. Currently we have 25 active
participants and over 150 students and youth on our e-mail list.

When and where does the YAB meet?
The YAB meets four times a year in conjunction with the COP meetings to plan activities for the year.
Additionally, several meetings are held throughout the year via phone or web-based conference calls to discuss
current trends in secondary transition. Physical attendance is not mandatory as members can participate in a
variety of ways including review of documents and offering opinions via e-mail or social media.

How is the YAB different from the Special Education Youth Advisory Council (SEYAC)?
– The YAB work focuses on secondary transition and beyond, the SEYAC work focuses on special
education experiences for students in middle and high school.
– YAB students and youth can sign up individually, SEYAC is school/district based.
– SEYAC holds two of the trainings on-site at the school/in district, and one conference off-site. School/district (students) commit to all three sessions.

How can I get involved?
Anyone can refer a student or youth to the YAB. Please contact Beth Reel, CT Parent Advocacy Center, at
breel@cpacinc.org or 860-739-3089 for more information.