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Directors Corner November 2018

November 20th, 2018

While we are focused this month on the topic of literacy, I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks, and that of all of us at CPAC, for each the good things that happened this year and for all the support we receive as we work with the families of Connecticut. Over the course of a year we receive thousands of calls and emails from families who have questions and concerns about their children’s education. We provide well over a hundred training sessions around the state for families, students, and professionals.

Additionally, we could not do this work without the help and support of many friends and sister organizations through the State. Most of our training sessions are done at the request of parent groups and schools who make facilities available and help us reach out to families to share upcoming events.

We work hard to reach out to families through our website, newsletters, and especially social media. We are thankful for those friends who share the resources we provide making them available to larger audiences of families and educators.

We are thankful for our regional support center and the Parent Training and Information Centers in other states who help us with ideas and technical support to understand national special education laws. They also provide us with a continuous stream of good suggestions for ways to reach out and support the families of Connecticut.

We are thankful for the many organizations who also support families in Connecticut. No single group can reach every family in need, and by sharing the responsibility we are able to help and educate many more families than we could on our own. In this vein, we are especially grateful to our special partners, The Fair Haven Community Health Center in New Haven and St. Joseph’s Parenting Center in Stamford who provide us with space and resources allowing CPAC Parent Consultants to be physically available to families in communities across the state.

We are thankful for several opportunities we have had in the past year to work closely with educators and education professionals to share our experiences and to learn from each other. Our support for families cannot begin to work unless we have constructive dialogue with the educators who work with our children. This year has been especially productive in that area with several shared projects and very effective cooperation with district, state and regional leaders across Connecticut.

We are thankful for the State Department of Education and its willingness to work with us and listen to the concerns we present from families. We are thankful for their trust that CPAC can provide quality services and education to families in Connecticut.

And far from last, we are very thankful for those friends who continue to provide us with financial support. Being available to talk on the phone, to send out materials and to train families takes money, and the help you provide with your donations goes a long way to supporting your neighbors and to ensure that all students in Connecticut get an appropriate education.

I hope you all know how much your help and support means to everyone at CPAC and how far it goes to supporting families and children with disabilities.