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FAQ November 2018

November 21st, 2018

Dear Parent Consultant,
Every night is the same battle with my second grade daughter – reading. She is required to complete a reading log for school and whenever it’s reading time we battle over everything. The selection of the book, the time it takes, etc. She resents it and so do I. Do you have any suggestions to help me to engage her in this increasingly painful assignment?
Not Dr. Seuss

Dear Future Dr. Seuss,
Ah, the reading log! The activity that sends most kids and their parents running! Here are a few suggestions that may help you and your daughter face this evening routine with anticipation and help her to become a great reader! Try using the word READ as an acronym to make it more enjoyable for both of you.
R-read aloud. As much as she may grumble, children generally like to be read to. Select books that hold both your interest or that are a part of a series. Consider books on tape as well. Allow the reader to read aloud to both of you.
E-engage her in the story. If you are reading “If you give a Mouse a cookie” for the 100th time and you just don’t think you can do it again, try changing the words around. Let her notice you said a different word. Take turns being characters in the book.
A-ask predictions. Remember, first children learn to read then they read to learn. Begin developing that skill of looking for information within the context of the book. Obviously, if it’s your hundredth run through of the same book this can be challenging so ask why the next event is going to happen.
D-discuss the book. Talk about the parts you liked and didn’t care for that much. Expand the story beyond the ending – what could happen if…imagine if…
Hopefully these ideas will help you both enjoy this time together.