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Directors Corner December 2018

December 18th, 2018

I want to start by wishing all of you the Happiest Holiday season from all of us here at CPAC, and our hope for the best New Year in 2019.

As we enjoy this season of sharing I want to offer a suggestion; as you calibrate and move into the coming year we at CPAC hope you will share us. Over the past year I have been to many places all around the state, and sat in on many of the meetings where parents have had the chance to talk about their experiences in special education. In all those meetings the thing that struck me most strongly was the number of people who told us how much they wished they had known about us. People who had been facing challenges for years saying “I never heard of you, I wish I had.”

As you might guess, that bothers us. Our job is to educate and empower families, but we can’t do that if we don’t know about their problems, and they don’t know to reach out to us. A great deal of my time is spent trying to reach out, waving the flag and letting as many families know that we are here to help as I can. Clearly my (our) efforts are not enough. We need help.

That is where you come in. If we have been able to help you, to answer your questions, or provide you with training let your friends and acquaintances know. It’s not hard. It can be as simple as sharing our posts on social media. You never know when it will reach someone who needs help at just the right moment. If you’ve formed a parent group or SEPTO, invite us to join you. CPAC provides training and support for these kinds of groups every week, (and it’s free). Leave materials at your school. We get calls every day from teachers and administrators looking for support for families in their towns, but too many don’t know they can. It’s easy, print out a fact sheet from the website and drop off at the special ed office, or give it to the administrator at your PPT.

One more thing you can do that we can’t do well is let your pediatrician know about us. Many families begin the special education process after talking to their child’s doctor because “Something seems wrong.” The doctor can help identify what is going on, and we can help the family work with the school to design a program to help.

As always, if you have questions we are here to answer them and look forward to talking with many of you in 2019. Again, Thank You and Happy Holidays.