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Jake’s Juxtaposition – “Oh, The Places You’ll go”

March 29th, 2019

Hello Friends, this’s Jake again, and this blog is focused on the accessibility of the places that should be accessible, but are they? Have you always wanted to go to a place, then you realize the physical boundaries that limit the accessibility to it? Well, let’s talk a bit about accessibility to some popular attractions and other places, like restaurant, every day appointments and gathering joints that often tickle my brain. You may already know, I am Foodie, so local restaurants play critical roles in my life. The biggest barrier for me seem to be the entry ways. (side note: I use a motorized wheelchair, I tremor often when controlling it/ driving it, and mind that I “qualify” for extended time.). Curbs, sidewalks and double doors with no handicapped door openers are my biggest enemies. You can greet me with the biggest and friendliest smile inside, but I am already exhausted of the adventure of getting in. While some places feel like an obstacle course, seldom others meet the easy access mark. Way to work up an appetite! If it isn’t the accessibility, then the staffing who often times clueless on how to approach in a proactive manner that is helpful instead of making me feel like I don’t know anything and I am helpless. Ask me questions if I need assistance. When you ask if I need HELP, it makes me feel I can’t do the task independently. Of course there are exemptions, but few and far between. On the bright side, the food most always makes the trip worthwhile in the end. I feel you can only be part of the community if your accessible. That goes for business on full scale, small or large, it won’t matter. Allow me to show you what it means to individuals like me and how big of a game changer it is to have access to all the places everyone else does. I mean really a game a changer. I am on it, friends, because “Oh, the places you’ll go! There is fun to be done!” sometimes business to take care of that is difficult to some. (me included). I feel it’s simply the lack of focus on the population and not the cost effectiveness to adjust. I am not a one-man army, and I certainly know many of you share similar experiences. “With places to explore and voices to be heard, access won’t be a chore anymore and the battle will be conquered” …and this is Jake’s Juxtaposition