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Jake’s Juxtaposition – “Summertime”

June 3rd, 2019

Hello, this is Jake again.
As summer approaches, I find myself wanting to be out an about in a leisurely manner more and more and just breathe in the fresh salty air near the shoreline or the deep earthy fragrance of a nature trail or park. I’ve got a few of my favorites for you for this summer, so check it out. Now, you know I use a power-chair, so getting to places can have its barriers. Obviously, I would have a difficult time navigating stairs or tight corners and nooks in historical buildings and museums. I truly enjoy being on our boat, nature trails, hands on activities. My favorites are Harkness Park, Niantic Bay Boardwalk, Day Pond for fishing, Mystic Aquarium. (By the way, the M.A. went through the ADA Checklist I believe last year) With summer also comes crowded places, so be alert and aware as it may cause a few bumps. Don’t be dissuaded by the first bump, it often pushes you out of your comfort zone and hey, it helps others see and understand you better. DEEP’s website does mention a few accessible places throughout the State, be sure to check it out. I did. The great thing that it lists contact information to the places, so don’t be shy to contact them. I am confused though, as disabilities does not differentiate wheelchair accessibility…imagine all the places with disability accessible and none wheelchair accessible. (you probably just saw me shaking my head)…but we all know that is the reality. In conclusion: the more we go out in our communities this summer, be it concerts, sporting events, social events, movies, outdoor functions and so on, the more we improve these places by bringing the awareness. So pack up your sunscreens, bug sprays, styling hats and positivity filled water bottles and make the most of the wonderful adventures this season…and this is Jake’s Juxtaposition.