Module 1: Program Goals

The goals of Family Connections are:

  • To strengthen and empower families by providing support, encouragement and knowledge to parents of infants and toddlers enrolled in Connecticut’s Birth to Three System through a volunteer Parent Mentor- You!
  • To provide emotional support, empathetic listening and information about resources available to parents of infants and toddlers receiving Birth to Three services.

Training goals for Parent Mentors:

  • To gain an understanding of Connecticut Parent Advocacy Center, Family Connections program goals and operations
  • To gain skills and knowledge that help you become effective mentors
  • To reflect on competencies needed to be effective parent mentor
  • To understand the role of a peer mentor
  • To obtain information about local, state and national resources for parents and families

Please watch the following video: Becoming A Support Parent – Introduction

Video from Delta Gama Center for Children with Visual Impairments

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