Module 6: When, Where and How to Refer Out

You are not alone- as a parent mentor, you are not expected to be a professional therapist or counselor.  If something is said or occurs that concerns you, feel free to contact the Family Connections coordinator at CPAC.

The following may indicate that a family or individual needs additional professional assistance:

  • When a person expresses fears that they might hurt themselves or their child;
  • When a person describes actual verbal, physical or sexual abuse;
  • When a person speaks of a pattern of not eating or sleeping well or of uncontrollable emotional outbursts.

Trust your instincts, but always feel free to contact the Family Connections coordinator if you feel uncomfortable about any situation or if you feel the match is having an emotional impact on you.

Parent Mentor Confidentiality Pledge

Family Connections parent mentors must follow CPAC’s confidentiality policies that preserve the privacy and confidentiality of all information shared by parents. If for any reason you need to share or discuss any information pertaining to your parent mentee with your Family Connections Coordinator, you need to obtain the family’s permission to share that information.

Limits of confidentiality:

Mentors are mandated reporters and as such must disclose information indicating that a mentee may be dangerous to or intends to harm him/herself or others.

Please watch the following video: When to Call for Help

Video from Delta Gama Center for Children with Visual Impairments


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