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Basic Steps for Receiving Special Education Services in Connecticut

For additional information about each step in the process of receiving special education services in Connecticut, click on the step and view the corresponding list of frequently asked questions and answers.

  • Step 1: Child Find

    Local school districts use a variety of community resources and conduct systematic activities to locate and identify children who may need special education in Connecticut.

  • Step 2: Referral

    A standard form to document referrals is available from the State Department of Education and school districts. Parents, school staff and others can complete the form and submit it to the school administrator. Parents may also write a letter to the school noting concerns.

  • Step 3: Planning and Placement Team Process

    Parents receive notice of PPT meeting five school days before meeting. The purpose of the meeting is to process the referral and determine if the child is in need of an evaluation.

  • Step 4: Evaluation

    If the PPT decides more information is needed, the school district conducts a full and individual initial evaluation in all areas of concern to determine if the child has a disability and to determine educational needs of child.

  • Step 5: Eligibility

    The PPT uses the evaluation results to determine if the child is eligible for special education services and related services in accordance with special education law.

  • Step 6: Individualized Education Plan

    If the child is found eligible for special education and/or related services, the school district must implement an IEP within 45 school days of the initial referral.

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