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Helpful Resources

  • Birth to Three Family Handbook III: Transition to Preschool Special Education
    This handbook offers answers to frequently asked questions as well as helpful tips for the transition process.
  • Preparing for Your Child’s PPT Meeting
    As parents, you will be invited to attend a Planning and Placement Team meeting to discuss your child’s eligibility for preschool special education services.  This fact sheet lists suggestions on ways you can prepare for the meeting.
  • Guide to Educational Terms
    This fact sheet helps parents understand the language used in special and general education.  Often times, during meetings or school visits, words or acronyms are used that are unfamiliar to most people.  This list will help you to better understand what is being said and make you feel more comfortable with the language of education.
  • A Parent’s Guide to Special Education in Connecticut
    This publication is a reference guide for parents who have children ages 3 to 21 who are identified as needing special education services, or for those parents who suspect their children may have a disability and would like information on how to request an evaluation by the school district.
  • Connecticut State Department of EducationBirth to Five Newsletter
    This newsletter, published in English and Spanish, offers information on a variety of topics related to early childhood development and education.
  • “Transition from Birth to Three to Preschool” Webinar presented by Sally Huck, Parent Consultant at CPAC.
  • CT Early Learning and Development Standards
    The CT Early Learning and Development Standards, which outline what children, birth to five, should know and be able to do, is now available online. The standards were developed to help families, communities and schools work together to support children’s early learning and growth.

Resources for Child Learning, Social-Emotional and Behavioral Development

Developmental and Behavioral Milestones, Monitoring, and Screening

Identifying a High-Quality Early Learning Program

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