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Self-Advocacy Checklist

Goal:  Student will demonstrate self-advocacy skills in order to communicate learning style, academic and behavioral needs.


  • Student will complete his learning style inventory and be able to describe learning style.
  • Student will communicate to others the strengths and weaknesses of¬†learning style.
  • Student will review the accommodations/modifications page of his/her IEP.
  • Student will communicate with teachers to seek help, clarify instructions or requirements of academic tasks, and make them aware of accommodations.
  • Student will learn skills to begin to facilitate his/her PPT.
  • Student will identify impact of behaviors on self and others and how it affects learning.
  • Student will assess correctness of assignments and tests by reviewing for errors and making necessary revisions.
  • Student will accept the consequences of being unprepared for class by discussing such consequences and developing a strategy to avoid such problems in the future.
  • Student will demonstrate the skill of obtaining information from teachers regarding tests, quizzes, projects, etc.
  • Student will develop and carry out a plan for making up work missed due to absence.
  • Student will accept responsibility for utilizing resource period services to meet classroom objectives.
  • Student will discuss specific topic behaviors (positive and negative) and their effect on academic classes and/or social performance of self.
  • Student will seek guidance/direction when facing new or difficult situations.
  • Student will appropriately confront topics/issues, which are uncomfortable with teacher/para support.
  • Student will plan and implement alternative solutions for school problems as they occur with adult guidance.
  • Student will face academic and social situations positively and appropriately and discuss feelings regarding these situations.
  • Student will accept praise and/or criticism from peers or adults and utilize this to change social and behavioral outcomes.

Developed by the Connecticut Transition Task Force, Family Sub-committee, 2007

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