Person-Centered Planning

Here are three person-centered planning models available to use as tools to help chart a course to the future. The information gathered is used to develop the IEP (Individual Education Plan). Remember, the plan will not happen if it is not implemented. All three plans should be evaluated periodically to ensure their success.

MAPS – McGill Action Planning System

This is a group of people including family, friends, neighbors, teachers, and community support, who are important to the student for planning their future. A facilitator will lead the group and brainstorm by identifying strengths, abilities, and interests. Eight key questions are raised that are critical to the planning process. MAPS will provide an action plan

PATH – Planning Alternative Tomorrows with Hope

Similar to MAPS, this plan also requires a group of people to help identify dreams and goals. This model provides a path to follow. MAPS is comprised of eight steps, with action plans to be completed within specific time periods.

COACH – Choosing Outcomes and Accommodations for Children

Also in a group setting, this tool determines the student’s educational program. Through this process, outcomes are determined and accommodations are discussed.

Developed by the Connecticut Transition Task Force Parent Sub-Committee, 2005
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